Wednesday, December 23, 2009

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NOTE: IELTS Writing for General Students consist on following two tasks.Read it Carefully to understand Each Task.

Task 1

This part of the IELTS Test asks you to write a letter to a friend, governmental agency, or interest group. You will be required to begin your letter with Dear...
Be sure to understand the proper development of a letter. Brainstorm quickly and stick to your main key points. It is recommended that you develop a two to four paragraph essay during this writing assignment on the IELTS test.
The link on the right hand side of this website offers excellent help with the writing sections on the IELTS test. Use appropriate grammar, capitalization, and punctuation during your letter. It is probably best to use a business style letter. The main points are flow, grammar and presentation. It has to look like a letter and not a generic essay. You may include a personal example, however, do not make it extremely personal. Moreover, do not apologize in the letter if you feel you are demonstrating poor use of the English language on the IELTS test.

Task 2

This is an essay about different points of view. You will be asked to agree or disagree with a statement. You have 40 minutes for this part of the IELTS test. You are required to write at least 250 words.
IELTS Test Sample Statement # 1.
"You cannot take a vacation from your problems."
IELTS Test Sample Statement #2.
"Students that are late to class, choose to be late. Your actions determine your level of preparation for class."
IELTS Test Sample Statement #3.
"The multiple hours spent playing video games has lead to the decline in health and physical fitness of youth across the world." 

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