Tuesday, December 22, 2009

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Roadmap to Exam Speaking Success
Dear Exam Candidate

Passing an advanced English exam is a tremendous achievement but is
not something that comes without a great deal of effort.
And for many students, the Speaking exam is the most difficult to
prepare for. What will the examiner be grading you on? Which aspects
of speaking do you need to improve? How can you get the practice you
We've written a free 9-day mini-course to help you organise your time
and take practical steps to improve your English proficiency. This
course is suitable for students preparing for any advanced English
Speaking exam, particularly Cambridge exams such as BEC Higher,
BULATS, CAE, CPE, IELTS, ICFE and ILEC. It will help you:

1) know exactly what to expect in the Speaking exam.

2) understand how you'll be assessed.

3) identify areas that you need to work on before the Speaking exam.

4) get as much speaking practice as possible before the big day.
Improve your chances of passing the Speaking exam with top grades.
Try the tasks we suggest over the 9-day mini-course and I'm sure your
chances of passing the Speaking exam with the grade you're hoping for
will improve significantly.

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