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Kaplan IELTS 2009-2010 Edition focus on IELTS Exams.IELTS exam gauges students English language comprehension by testing their listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills for entrance into foreign universities, non-academic business settings, and immigration tests.
Kaplan IELTS 2009-2010 Edition
Students reading and writing skills are tested either using an Academic or General module depending on whether the test taker plans to pursue academic studies or apply their English skills to the business world exclusively. It does matter which module the student takes, this book provides a comprehensive review of each of the exam four sections in order to best prepare students for the exam.

  • Full-length Academic and General training version practice test
  • Hundred of test-like practice questions.
  • In depth review of listening,reading,writing,and speaking sections for both the General and Academic training  version.
  • Karlan's essential test taking strategies.
  • Audio Cd for realistic practice.

TOP 20 IELTS Writing Topics

Following IELTS Essay Topics appear in subsequent years of IELTS Academic Exams.These are the top IELTS Writing topics.If you are IELTS Students than practice and practice to improve your Writing.
IELTS Writing Topics
Topic No: 1 Soon people who cannot work with computers will be disadvantaged. To what extent do you agree or disagree with idea?

Topic No: 2 Nowadays, radio is being replaced by TV and the Internet. To what extent do you agree or disagree with idea?

Topic No: 3 These days, school introduce behavior of what is ‘right' or ‘wrong'. The responsibility is not only parents. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

Topic No: 4 Education is life long task. Do you agree or disagree?

OR Education is sometime considered as something for the youth. Some People however, consider as life long task. What is your opinion? Give reason and support your ideas with specific support.

Topic No: 5 Young People are Encourage to travel or work for one year after high school and before university studies. Write advantages and disadvantages of this matter.

OR Young People are Encourage to travel or work for one year after high school and before university studies. Do you think it's a good idea to do so?

Topic No: 6 Nowadays, people care about their appearance more than before. Do you agree or disagree?

Topic No: 7 Government should spend more money on education than on recreation and sports. Do you agree or disagree?

OR Some people argue that Government should spend money only on medicine and education and that things like theaters and sport stadiums are luxurious .Agree or disagree?

Topic No: 8 Technology has facilitated our lives so much and given us a lot of freedom. Some People, however, believe that it has caused more problems for us. What is your Opinion?

Topic No: 9 Shopping has become a favorite pastime among young people. Why do you think it's like that, and do you think they must be encouraged to do other things rather than shopping?

Topic No: 10 Nowadays, some people still prefer to ride bicycles. To what extend do you think this will help us in today's life?

Topic No: 11 Government has to place the same number of men and women in different fields of study universities. To what extend do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Topic No: 12 People's character is influenced by environment rather than genetics. Do you agree or disagree?

Topic No: 13 In 21st Century, there is no use to pay expenses for wild animal's protections. What's your idea about this matter?

OR Wild animals have no place in 21st century and trying to preserve these animals is a waste of resources. Do what extend do you agree or disagree?

Topic No: 14 Is technology time consuming or does it save time?

Topic No: 15 The Elder people of over 50 years of age should be retired and replaced by the young. Do you agree or disagree?

Topic No: 16 Write whether you support that employees' salaries are not enough to make them happy. Benefit like health insurance etc. should be given to make them happier.

OR In the world today, how can the companies keep their employees happy? Express you idea and bring reasons, for example how salary, health care and holiday can make employees happy.

Topic No: 17 People follow interests and have hobbies (e.g. collecting and making things) Do you think it is pointless? How can people learn from hobbies?

Topic No: 18 Smoking tobaccos like other dangerous drug should be made illegal. Agree or disagree?

Topic No: 19 It is good for school and university students to take part in part-time jobs. Do you agree or disagree?

Topic No: 20 Nowadays, the gap between countryside and cities has increased in many countries. Is it the same in your country? What can government to do reserve this?

OR There is a gap in standards of living between countryside and cities. How true is this in your country? What measures should be taken to reduce this gap?


Following are the top 20 IELTS Topics for IELTS Academic and General Students appeared in subsequent IELTS Exams.These topics definitely help students preparing for IELTS.
Top IELTS Speaking Topics
Topic No: 1    Describe your country’s education system. What is your attitude toward this system?

Topic No: 2    Compare the role of Men and Women in your Country?

Topic No: 3    What is brain drain? What are the causes and effects of it?

Topic No: 4    Discuss why you would like to visit a particular country. When you going to visit it and why?

Topic No: 5    Discuss the factor affecting people to have more or less children in your country.

Topic No: 6    Describe the traditional dish in your country. What are the ingredients?

Topic No: 7    Discuss why you like special kind of book, music, sports or film.

Topic No: 8    Describe the ethnic mix in your country

Topic No: 9    Describe a traditional garment in your country.

Topic No: 10    Describe an important festival in your country. When is it? What do people do then?

Topic No: 11    What is fashion? Do you follow fashion? Why do people follow fashion? How do people in your country follow fashion?

Topic No: 12    Describe your best holiday, party, event in your life. When was it, where and why?

Topic No: 13    In what occasions do people give presents in your country?

Topic No: 14    What do people in 4 seasons in your country?

Topic No: 15    What is capital punishment?

Topic No: 16    Compare your time with your parents’. What is the same and what has changed since than?

Topic No: 17    Talk about most populated area in your country. Where is it? What is its population? Why is it so populated?

Topic No: 18    What do you know about Global Warming?  What is Green House Effect?

Topic No: 19    Describe the first toy you got. Who gave it for you? When? How did you like it?

Topic No: 20    What is the role of Public Artwork?

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Most of the IELTS Students major problem is Writing Task and finishing both tasks on time.If you don't finish either one, you lost a whole band point. This never has to happen to you.

The best way to make sure that your report and essay qualify as finished is that they have a clear conclusion paragraph. That paragraph can be one sentence long, if necessary.And the best news of all is, you have already written that sentence.
In Paragraph 1 when you reached at the end of the Introduction in Writing Task 1 report, you have written a summary of the information. Similarly at the end of the first paragraph in Writing Task 2, you have written your Thesis Statement. Simply be repeating both of those sentences at the beginning of a Conclusion paragraph, you have made your writing qualify as finished , even if there is more you wanted to write and you don't lose a whole band point needlessly.
ielts writing tips

Main Tips for IELTS Writing:
  1. Make sure that in Writing Task 1 you have written a good summary and thesis Statement in Writing Task 2. (Your report and essay won't work without them anyway.)
  2. Keeping Watching your watch because no one is going to inform you on track as far as elapsed time is concerned. It's up to you to monitor your own progress in time.
  3. If you have passed 18 minutes in Writing Task 1 and you are still writing Body Paragraph sentences then finish the sentence you are writing, quickly. Now, start a new paragraph and make sure it looks like a new paragraph and begin it with the words, "In conclusion,..." then rewrite the summary. If you can, change a word or two (but not the meaning). If not, just write it exactly the way you did at the end of the Introduction.
  4. In Writing Task 2, if 38 minutes have passed and you're still writing Body Paragraph sentences, finish the sentence you're writing, quickly. Then, start a new paragraph (and make sure it looks like a new paragraph), and begin it with the words, "In conclusion,..." Then rewrite the Thesis Statement. (This needs to be done in any case. It is an essential part of the essay.)
  5. In Writing Task 2,the ideal situation is that you should write the Restatement in reverse order of the Thesis Statement. For example, if it is an opinion essay, and you wrote your opinion and three reasons in the Thesis Statement, write the three reasons first, and then the opinion, in the Restatement. Again, if you have time and can, change a word or two (but not the meaning). If not, just write it exactly the way you did at the end of the Introduction.
  6. Make sure you finish these "In conclusion,..." sentences on time. The task ends at exactly 60 minutes.

Obviously, this will not save you any lost points if all you have is a few sentences and your essay is far too short in the first place. But if you have written most of the essay, and followed the format, it's essential that you not lost a whole band point just because it isn't finished. So make it look finished.


The New Prepare for IELTS General Training Modules is written by experts of  Academics University of Technology Sydney.This IELTS book Contain five practice tests which was specially written by IELTS experts.The IELTS  book includes full transcripts and answer key which has been extensively tested in IELTS preparation classes.The Preparation course develops skills and strategies in reading, writing and listening required for IELTS General Training Modules.
The New Prepare For IELTS General Training Modules
The New Prepare For IELTS General Training Modules
  • Information and strategies for new speaking tests of General Modules.
  • Practice General Training Modules writing tests which include help and global strategies for students.
  • Practice in the different forms of questions used in the General Training Modules reading tests.
  • Practice listening tests recorded on the accompanying audio cassettes.
  • Full and explanatory answer keys and transcripts.


The New Prepare for IELTS Academic Modules was written by the Academics of University of Technology Sydney. The package contains pdf book and the audio files of the listening tests.The Preparation course develops skills and strategies in IELTS reading, listening and writing required for both the Academic and General Training Modules.
The New Prepare for IELTS Academic Modules
This IELTS book Contain five practice tests and written by IELTS experts, including full transcripts and answer key that has been extensively tested in IELTS preparation classes.

The New Prepare for IELTS Academic Modules Features:
  • Information and strategies for new speaking tests.
  • Practice Academic Training Modules writing tests which include help and global strategies for students.
  • Practice in the different forms of questions used in the Academic Training Modules reading tests.
  • Practice listening tests recorded on the accompanying audio cassettes.
  • Full and explanatory answer keys and transcripts.

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Study English IELTS preparation Series is a series of English language programs for intermediate to advanced learners.The main purpose of t his book is to develop skills and strategies for both English language study and those preparing to take the IELTS test.
study english ielts preparation 1-2-3
study english ielts preparation free download
Each Preparation Series covers a different topic and explores different aspects of the English language. Our content draws on authentic material that you can watch, read and listen to plus study notes, tips and activities for practice and consolidation.These study notes are best for IELTS students to improve english for IELTS test.


202 Useful Exercises for IELTS International Edition is the same book as the Australasian version but includes references mainly to Britain and the region.The IELTS Audio's most of the voices on the tape are recognizably British.

The Book has 5 sections:
  • Communication and the Arts
  • The Environment
  • Technology
  • Politics in Britain
  • Youth and Education.
202 useful exercises for ielts
In each section of books, students have the opportunity to extend their ability in a variety of challenging and academically appropriate activities. Through this student can acquire the skills necessary to perform well and understand what is required of them in the examination.
202 Useful Exercises for IELTS provides students with specialized reading, writing,vocabulary & grammar exercises. This book is designed to help you learn English even if you are not preparing for an IELTS exam. So this book gives you the best way to improve your English today.The book contains:
  • Twenty Seven (27) Listening exercises which comprise 8 news items
  • Five (5) academic Lectures
  • 3 Dictations alongwith complete tape scripts
  • 5 reading passages with gap fill exercises, sentence completion tasks,short-answer questions,multiple choice,matching tasks,True and False questions and 10 writing tasks, all with model answers.
202 useful exercises for ielts audio free download
202 Useful Exercises for ielts are linked to the hints contained in 101 Helpful Hints for IELTS and are designed to complement the information that contains four practice tests.It also includes punctuation, spelling, grammar and vocabulary exercises. A complete Answer Key for all exercises is provided for reference.

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Focus on IELTS Teachers Book by Longman written by Sue' o Connell is a comprehensive, integrated pre-IELTS course offered by the development of practical skills and classification. The awareness course step by step, and provides training in language and skills necessary to cope with a course of IELTS trust and to achieve high test scores.
focus on ielts teachers book
This Book includes texts and materials of interest to keep students motivated, key structures and rapid boxes useful to highlight the points of grammar, learning strategies and projects to promote do-it-yourself outside the classroom studies to accelerate progress, the Key practice Language Bank provides additional support and practice of grammar and vocabulary - ideal for mixed level classes and self-study, writing of the Bank, in practice, the basic skills of writing, the tasks and model answers driving.

The focus on ielts book helps students develop the skills necessary for the IELTS test and give a lot of motivated students extra practice exam. The perfect companion to focus on IELTS Foundation. Master of the book provides bring ideas, teaching notes, answers and tape scrips.


IELTS Practice Tests Plus 2 with keys by Morgan Terry and Judith Wilson is not only a testing book its a complete teaching book.The Practice Tests Plus series provides sets of complete tests and guidance for IELTS exam and in exam format for the Cambridge ESOL Exams.IELTS Practice Tests Plus 2 download include audio and Book.
ielts practice tests plus 2 with keys

  • Each book introduces students to exam formats and provides step-by-step guidance.
  • IELTS Exam Strategies and tips.
  • Assessing your writing guide.
  • Key Academic Vocabulary Section.
  • Useful tips are included to maximize their chances of excelling.

The IELTS Tutor

The IELTS Tutor by Lloyd and Roslyn Jacklin is a the ielts tutor video course designed to help ielts student to achieve success in the IELTS test. The IELTS Tutor authors have many years of experience as IELTS instructors at a number of Language Colleges and Universities in Australia and overseas. The IELTS Tutor includes many of their classroom teaching suggestions which will help you to be prepared for the test and achieve the best result possible.
the ielts tutor
The IELTS Tutor is a 40 minute CD / Video with an accompanying booklet. It has been developed to help students to pass the IELTS test. This is an international test which students have to pass in order to gain entry into universities in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The IELTS Tutor is unique in that it provides hints and suggestions in an audio-visual format. Most other IELTS preparation materials only provide sample tests. It is being distributed by the University to all IELTS test centers worldwide.

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IELTS Practice tests with explanatory key by Mark Harrison and Russell Whitehead is the best IELTS Practice Tests Book covers all four Modules of the IELTS exam.The Book Contain:
ielts practice tests with answer key
  • Six complete practice tests cover a wide range of typical IELTS topic areas.
  • Task guides and Step-by-step guides in Tests 1 and 2 explain how best to approach each task type
  • General Training section provides additional Reading and Writing Modules for two tests.
  • Detail IELTS Exam Specification
  • Practical Guidance for every task type
  • Model answers for all writing tasks.
  • Comprehensive analysis of correct answers.

Academic Writing Practice For IELTS

Academic Writing Practice for IELTS by by Sam McCarter is a Book for students preparing for the Writing Test in the Academic Module of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), which is administered by the British Council, the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES) and IELTS Australia.
academic writing practice for ielts
Academic writing practice for IELTS pdf is available for download.This Book helps IELTS Students to improve their writing skills in real IELTS Exam.


IELTS Speaking Preparation and Practice published by Catt.The Book prepares students for the new speaking test, which has been in use since July 2001. The materials are suitable for students intending to sit either the General Training or the Academic Module, and systematically present a range of functions that students may need to express during the IELTS speaking test. Support is given to the development of appropriate vocabulary and grammatical forms. A wide variety of topics is explored with tasks that aid and encourage the students' formulation of their own ideas.
ielts speaking preparation and practice
Numerous activities focus on spoken fluency and attention is also paid to pronunciation and to the use of suitable examination strategies. The book consists of 9 units, the last of which provides a number of practice tests, and there is an accompanying cassette tape with recordings involving a range of English language accents.

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Achieve IELTS 2 Workbook provides practice linked to the Student's book units in all core test skills,
vocabulary,pronunciation and language points revised in the Student's book.Achieve IELTS 2 Work Book also provide study skills advice to help student's learn successfully.
achieve ielts 2 workbook
It also include IELTS general training module for reading and writing.An audio CD is included with the book for the listening exercises.Each unit of the Student's Book provide 4-5 taught hours of material with further 24 hours of self-study contained in the Workbook.


Achieve IELTS Teacher's Book includes an overview of IELTS, an introduction to the aims and rationale of the course, advice on how to use the Student's Book,, activities, suggestions for additional activities, model answers and students' answers with examiner's comments for the writing test, an end-of-course evaluation, full answer key.
achieve ielts 2 teacher's book
Achieve IELTS Teacher's Book and Student's Book developed and tested at UK and European universities and language schools by experienced IELTS teachers and examiners. Achieve IELTS recognizes students' real aims and ambitions by preparing them for examination success and student life in international education.


Cambridge Objective IELTS is a 2-level IELTS preparation course providing comprehensive training for both the Academic and General Training modules. Cambridge Objective IELTS is uniquely informed by the Cambridge Learner Corpus, using analysis of real IELTS candidate papers.
Cambridge objective ielts intermediate
The 2 levels of Objective IELTS can be used on their own or consecutively, so that lower-level students requiring a high band score can start preparing early. Each level offers 60-80 hours of study, which can be extended using the Workbook.

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Achieve IELTS 2 Students Book

Achieve IELTS 2 is designed for student's preparing to take the International English Language Testing System test at postgraduate level.Achieve IELTS 2 contain practice test Book and Audio's.
It takes students from IELTS 5.5 to 7.5 and was developed and tested at UK and international universities and language schools by experienced IELTS teachers and examiners.
Achieve IELTS 2 Students Book
Student's Book provides: achieve ielts grammar and vocabulary,clear, useful advice on approaching the test from an experienced examiner; contemporary topic-based units covering the core skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking; carefully graded development of test skills, building to a full practice test; a strong grammar syllabus which revises key structures needed by students at this level.Achieve ielts free download is available below.

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IELTS Tutor Video Course

The IELTS Tutor is a multimedia package designed to help you achieve success in the IELTS test. The authors of The IELTS Tutor have many years of experience as IELTS instructors at a number of Language Colleges and Universities in Australia and overseas. The IELTS Tutor includes many of their classroom teaching suggestions which will help you to be prepared for the test and achieve the best result possible.
The IELTS Tutor is like a personal teacher that helps you to overcome difficulties in the simplest ways. This product has already helped thousands of students to prepare for the IELTS Test and has been distributed by the University of Queensland, Institute of Continuing and TESOL Education (awarded the IELTS Centre of Excellence in 2006) and Macquarie University (one of Australia’s largest publishers of IELTS preparation material). This product therefore meets the highest standards as set by these two respected academic institutions.
The IELTS Tutor is now available direct to the public ans multimedia package. This means that we have been able to reduce the cost of the product dramatically.
IELTS Tutor Video Course
The package contains the following:

  • An example speaking test (including practical suggestions) to help improve your fluency and coherence.
  • Example writing topics ans strategies that will help you to feel prepared regardless of the topic..
  • Practice Reading Tests and answer keys.
  • Tips for the Listening test.
  • Simple and easily understood strategies to assist you in the two writing tasks.
  • The IELTS Tutor contains numerous other practical suggestions that experienced IELTS teachers realize candidates need to know in order to achieve the best result possible on the day of the test.

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Check Your Vocabulary For IELTS English

Check your vocabulary for English for IELTS Examination is a workbook that has been written for students who are planning to sit either the IELTS general training or the IELTS academic modules of the IELTS exam. It covers some of the main vocabulary points that you will need for, or come across in, the listening, reading, writing and speaking sections of the exam.
Check Your Vocabulary For IELTS English
I hope that you find the modules in this book useful and that the vocabulary you acquire will help you to achieve the grade you want in the IELTS.


Here are all important tips mention for IELTS Students. For IELTS study you can get extra benefit to learn these tips.

  1. Leave a question if you can's answer. To spend a long time on one answer is disastrous. Go back later if you have time and guess if you have to.
  2. Don't panic if you don't know anything about the subject matter covered in the passage. All the answers are in the passage and you don't need any specialist knowledge.
  1. Read the instructions carefully.
  2. In the time given to read questions
  • Read the questions
  • Grasp the content
  • Underline keywords
    3. In the 30 seconds, read the questions of the other section.
    4. Concentrate on present section. Forget about the questions in the previous section.
    5. If you miss questions just be cool.
ielts tips and tricks

  1. Practice writing: At Home , practice any common and uncommon subject. Exercise like exam. It may increase your vocabulary and thinking capacity to write a topic.
  2. Writing in won: Write your answer in your won way. Describe from your side.
  3. Read the full question: Carefully read full the question. Question may mention some point to answer. You should take care of that point.
  4. Plan before you write: Though there is limited time in exam, you should have a plan what to write and how you will proceed.
  5. Use Paragraph: Writing task will more originated if you write using paragraph. It a point to et more marks in exam.
  6. Don’t repeat word: You can use synonyms without repeating same word. It may power your writing skill.
  7. Clearity: Write simple and clear English. It is not a place to explore your vocabulary knowledge than clearity.
  8. Spell Correctly: Spelling is very much important. If any confusion about any word you can use synonym or skip the sentence or take another sentence to write your expression and avoid that word.
  9. Don’t use informal word and slag: Informal words (Like: can’t, BTW etc) should avoid. Slang (like guys, kids) are also bad practice in writing.
  10. Take care of  Grammar structure: Grammar mistake may cause less marks in exam.
  11. Revision: At the end of writing you should check your writing task, spelling and grammatical error etc.
The following study hints will help you in the weeks leading up to the IELTS.
  1. Become familiar with the test as early as possible. The skills being tested in the IELTS take a period of time to build up. Cramming is not an effective study technique for IELTS.
  2. Use your study time efficiently. Study when you are fresh and, after you have planned a timetable, make sure that you keep to it. Set goals and ensure that you have adequate breaks. In the IELTS test, each of the four Band Modules  Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking  carries the same weight. Study each skill carefully and spend more time on the skills in which you feel you are weak.
  3. Be aware of the exact procedure for the test.Be very clear on the order of each section, its length and the specific question types.There are many resources available to improve these skills.
  4. Having a study partner or study group is an excellent idea. Other students may raise issues that you may not have considered.
  5. Seek help from teachers, friends and native English Speakers.

Monday, June 7, 2010

101 Helpful Hints For IELTS

The Book Contain 101 Helpful Hints for IELTS Academic Reading,Writing and Speaking.The book Contain Audio CD which helps student to improve their speaking and Listening.The Book is international Edition containing practices test for reading and Writing.
101 Helpful Hints For IELTS
This book helpful for anyone who would like to know every thing about IELTS Exam.The Book tells you that nothing is impossible and anything you want to know about IELTS Testing System is completely possible.The book hints are divided into two main sections.First Section  include  Basic hints , which are subdivided into three sections.The First Section focus on that what students should know before the actual test.The second section tells that what have to know during the test and third reminds you that what should keep in mind before end of the test.Once students studies all about these hints than  student should have a clear idea that how to tackle IELTS test.
The Next type of Hints consist of four types.These hints tell that what should know to tackle IELTS test.The  four types are IELTS Listening,reading,writing and speaking.In them, students properly and practically learn all about the actual test each sections. The Answer key and model answers will help students to evaluate and access the ability before the actual test and tells them that how much practice required before the real IELTS test. 


Below are few top IELTS tips & tricks and strategies for success in IELTS follow this top tips of IELTS to gain more band in IELTS. 


First,read instructions carefully, don't just glance at them. They are not always the same as in practice or previous tests.
Try and anticipate what the speaker will say. This requires concentration, easy in your own language, but more difficult in English. 
ielts tips for success


Reading is also very important part of IELTS.Leave a question if you can't answer. To spend a long time on one answer is disastrous. Go back later if you have time and guess if you have to.
Don't panic if you don't know anything about the subject matter covered in the passage. All the answers are in the passage and you don't need any specialist knowledge. 

  • High light / Circle keywords.
  • Clearly divide paragraphs.
  • Don't repeat ideas in different way
  • Stick to the topic

It tests your ability to communicate effectively, not just your grammatical accuracy.
Don't  learn scripts of prepared answers. The examiner is trained to spot this and will change the question.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Common Mistakes At IELTS Intermediate

Common Mistakes at IELTS Intermediate is a invaluable little book highlights the real mistakes that students make in the real ielts exam and shows how to avoid them during IELTS test. Based on analysis of thousands of original IELTS exam papers, each unit targets a key problem area.Clear explanations and exercises help students to use the language accurately.Regular tests offer students a further opportunity to check and consolidate what they have learn.
Common Mistakes At IELTS Intermediate
  • Highlights common mistakes that learners really make.
  • Based on analysis of thousands of exam scripts.
  • Short, snappy explanations focus on key problem areas.
  • Includes exam-style exercises.
  • Monitor your progress through regular tests. 


You can Gain High score in IELTS Reading as well in Complete IELTS if you overcome on the following mistakes.
ielts reading tips
  1. Answer all the question by instruction.For Example if any questions required "Answer any three with four words" you should not answer the questions with five words.
  2. Never work with more than one passage at a time.No one will tell you to stop working on the current task and to move forward to next one.So, in worst case scenario, you could spend all the time working on just one passage, when there are 3 more to go.
  3. Never waste valuable time with one hard question.Waste a lot of time on one hard question .All IELTS questions are of different difficulty.It is wrong to assume that every next question will be harder than previous one.This is why getting stuck on one hard question is a bad idea.By moving forward to some easier questions you could win points,which otherwise would be lost.
  4. Reading whole words of passages.Read the whole passage first in Reading section.Those passages are not meant to be read.It is enough to scan through the text, noticing what the text is about and what the purpose of each paragraph is.After getting familiar with the passage, it is the time to read questions and look for answers.
  5. Never Assume that you know the answer before reading passage.For example, the question is "Does smoking cause cancer" and your mind say "Yes" but the passage says "No", then "No" is the correct answer.


Sunday, May 9, 2010


Cambridge Instant IELTS Ready to use Task and Activities Published by Cambridge University Press which is  Photocopied resource packed with a range of ready-to-use IELTS exam practice activities. The lively discussions and role plays that accompany them turn each IELTS task-type into a stimulating Lesson. The Book is organized by paper type, giving teachers a flexible resource that they can tailor to their students specific needs. Instant IELTS is a Cambridge Copy Collection title.
Cambridge instant ielts


IELTS ESSAY TOPIC:"Parents or other adult relatives should make important decisions for their (15 to 18 year-old) teenage children".

Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.
• You should write at least 250 words.
• You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.  

Parents are in most cases our first teachers and friends. From my everyday experience, I have to agree with the statement that important decisions should be made by our parents or adult relatives. In the following paragraphs I will give my reasons to support this statement.First of all, teenage children have the tendency to live in their own fantasies. They do not clearly understand the rules of a real life. When I was 18 years old I thought that the world was perfect and everything seemed to be simple. Teenagers are basically inexperienced; they aspire for independence and try to make their first steps towards freedom. I think that it is like starting to walk when a baby needs its parents for support. An independent life is a big and significant part in a person's life. So, my point is that it is very important to make this step right.Secondly, I think that parents have right to interfere in their children's lives. They need to know what kind of friends their children have and how children spend their spare time. For example I had an eighteen years old friend who got really angry with his parents when they prohibited him to be friends with a young man. Somehow his parents found out that that young man was occasionally taking drugs. That man was dead in a year because of drug abuse. After that accident my friend thanked his parents for that interference.Finally, I think teenage children should be more open-minded with their parents. It will help them to make the right choice and avoid many mistakes.To sum up, I believe that young people should trust their parents because they wish their children only the best.

Teacher Comments:  Need to emphasize on grammar.Overall Look like 7 Band Essay.


Longman IELTS Practice Test Plus2 by Morgan Tery & Judith Wilson provides essential practice in all four modules of the IELTS Examination: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. It Include Six Complete Practice Tests incorporating the 2005 modifications to the Writing Module.The Book Contain additional reading and writing Modules for General Training Candidates.
longman ielts practice test plus 2
  • full description of the exam
  • Strategy boxes training key sub-skills for each module
  • Sections for assessing your writing and academic vocabulary
  • Annotated answer key, analyzing correct and incorrect answers
  • Sample answers to writing tasks
  • Complete audio scripts, with answers marked


IELTS Practice Test by Peter May contain four practice tests with Exam Skills Training and Practice.It also include detailed Explanations of Answers.Detailed exam 'Strategies' and 'Improve your skills' tasks. Answers explained in detail.This Book is very useful as part of an IELTS Preparation Course and also for student preparing at Home.IELTS Practice Tests is for students hoping to study at an English Speaking University and Planning to take IELTS.
ielts practice test-peter may
  •  Detailed exam fact file.
  •  Strategies with the correct Procedure for all tasks.
  •  Improve your Skills tasks to focus Learners on the right approach.
  •  Four complete IELTS exams with Academic Reading and Writing Modules.
  •  Detailed explanatory key with sample writing.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Cambridge grammar for ielts

Cambridge Grammar for IELTS with answers is the self study Grammar reference and practice book, provides complete coverage of the grammar needed for the IELTS test, and develops listening skills at the same time. The Book  includes a wide range of IELTS tasks from the Academic and General Training Reading, Writing and Listening modules, and contains helpful Grammar Explanations and a Grammar glossary. Cambridge Grammar for IELTS provides a wide range of IELTS tasks from the Academic and General Training Reading, Writing and Listening modules, and contains helpful Grammar Explanations and a Grammar Glossary.


Cambridge step up to ielts
Cambridge Step up to IELTS  covers essential exam skills and language for IELTS in approximately sixty hours' teaching time.The main purpose is to familiarizes students quickly with the exam. The course covers both the Academic and General Training modules It provides students with invaluable advice on how to increase their band score in the exam. Shorter, achievable exam-type tasks build students’ exam skills, before students try the more challenging tasks at authentic test level. The test practice sections at the end of each unit together constitute a whole sample IELTS test. Cambridge Step up to IELTS ‘With answers’ edition contains a full answer key and information on the exam, making it ideal for students preparing independently. For students with more time, the pocket-sized Personal Study Book provides extra vocabulary, grammar and writing practice.


Improve your IELTS Listening and Speaking of Barry Cusack & Sam McCarter  is Specially designed for the  IELTS student want to score between bands 4.5 and 7.5. The series has three preparation courses, Academic Reading, Academic Writing, and Listening and Speaking. The courses develop language, skills and test techniques to help students achieve a higher IELTS score. The three books in the series may be used together as a complete course or may be used to target specific skills. Or they may be used separately to supplement other Coursebooks.

improve your ielts listening and speaking

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Cambridge vocabulary for ielts
Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS published by Cambridge university Press.The Book covers the vocabulary needed by students taking the IELTS test.Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS provides students with practice of test tasks from each paper. It Contain useful tips to approach IELTS exam tasks and covers especially tricky areas which language needed to describe data and processes. It is informed by the Cambridge International Corpus and the Cambridge Learner Corpus to ensure that the vocabulary is presented in genuine contexts and includes real learner errors.


Cambridge ielts 4 
Cambridge IELTS 4 published by Cambridge University Press who is the only official publisher of IELTS papers from Cambridge ESOL .It also published essential part of any IELTS preparation course.
If you are IELTS Student and approach the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) then you need to familiarize yourself thoroughly with its format and content and you need to practice examination techniques by using genuine material such as these IELTS papers form University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations.Cambridge IELTS 4 provides all the exam practice you need.The Book contain four complete tests for Academic candidates plus extra Reading and Writing modules for General Training students.A useful introduction to different modules along with explanation of the scoring system used by Cambridge ESOL defined in this Book.Cambridge IELTS 4 have Student's Book(set of 2 Cassettes).


Cambridge ielts 7

Cambridge IELTS 7 contains four authentic IELTS papers from Cambridge ESOL which provides excellent exam practice for IELTS Student. It contain Student's Book with answers which provides students with an excellent opportunity to familiarize themselves with IELTS and practice examination techniques using authentic test material prepared by Cambridge ESOL. Cambridge IELTS 7 contains four complete tests for Academic candidates and also extra Reading and Writing modules for General Training candidates.The Book also contain an introduction to these different modules is included in each book along with an explanation of the scoring system used by Cambridge ESOL.Cambridge IELTS 7 has a comprehensive section of answers and typescripts makes the material ideal for students working partly or entirely on their own.


Cambridge IELTS 6 
Cambridge IELTS 6 Student's Book with answers is written by Cambridge ESOL.It Provides students with an excellent opportunity to familiarize themselves with IELTS and to practice examination techniques using authentic test material prepared by Cambridge ESOL.Cambridge IELTS each collection contains four complete tests for Academic candidates and extra Reading and Writing modules for General Training candidates. The Book also contain an introduction to these different modules with an explanation of the scoring system used by Cambridge ESOL. Cambridge IELTS 6 has comprehensive section of answers and typescripts makes the material ideal for self-study. This is one of the best reliable e-book intended for IELTS test takers who wish to get reasonable score in the IELTS exams administered world wide.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


ielts on track

IELTS On Track is a New set of IELTS Test practice material suitable for self study, IELTS preparation classes and further education training. IELTS On Track has over 200 pages packed with practice tests and test preparation activities, including two complete interviews for the revised IELTS Speaking Test.
Professor Stephen Slater is a key Cambridge University Press English Language Teaching international author, and along with the team of authors brings to the book extensive international experience in IELTS candidate preparation, test materials writing and IELTS assessment.
IELTS On Track practice material has been trialled in Europe, Asia and Oceania.
The Pack (book and 2 CDs)
IELTS On Track has been written by IELTS specialists to give prospective IELTS candidates genuine preparation for, and experience of, the IELTS Test.
IELTS On Track allows the candidate to conduct self-evaluation of his/her English proficiency before taking the formal test. It improves confidence and prospects for success in the formal IELTS Test.
IELTS On Track is comprehensive and user friendly.


ielts test builder 2

IELTS test builder 2 designed to improve exam performance and increase language competence for success in IELTS.It Includes four completely new practice test and further Practice and Guidance pages.Accompanying audio CD contains all four listening tests.
It contain Complete answer key with useful explanations.


achieve ielts practice test

Achieve IELTS Practice Test is a useful practice test book.The Book contains four complete IELTS practice tests.It can be used as a self study resource or as part of an IELTS course. It provides practice for students preparing for the academic test at any level as well as a comprehensive overview and test taking strategies.
This book contain detailed description of the test and its question types and Strategies for preparing for the test.It also contain Four complete IELTS practice tests prepared by experienced examiners and authors of exam materials.Two audio CDs with correctly timed pauses to give an authentic test practice experience.
In this book you will get authentic IELTS test answer sheet for familiarization by students.A Personal assessment sheets available for teacher feedback and to assist the progress.


ielts graduation student's book
IELTS Graduation Student's Book is comprehensive course for students preparing to take the IELTS academic test .The books is best for student who want to achieve IELTS band 5.5 - 7.5.This is topic based book contains a wide range of activities to train students in all the required skills to help improve their IELTS score.
IELTS Graduation Student Book provides clear and practical information on all parts of the IELTS examination and also teach them the skills required to do well.

  •  10 topic based units
  •  Exam information boxes - providing detailed advice
  •  Regular Pronunciation development sections help build students’ confidence in speaking and listening
  •  Study skills sections at the end of each unit containing self study advice
  •  Extensive writing practice including model answers
  •  Regular dictionary focus boxes encourage students to broaden their vocabulary range
  •  Strategy boxes and Top boxes


ielts speaking tips
Initially Examiner talks about General topics.for example, entertainment,movies,crickets,newspapers etc.This is a General Discussion.In this video Examiner asking about the Fashion.


In the second step examiner will give a topic to discuss.The Examiner gives a peace of paper and a pencil to make some notes regarding given topic.You have 1-2 min to prepare your self.It is better to write some points about topic before you start speaking.In this video Examiner gave her the topic of "Festival".You can Learn by this video that how to improve speaking during this session.


In the third step,the examiner will ask you question about the topic that has given  on IELTS Speaking step 2.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Kaplan ielts 2009-2010 Edition released on 31-03-2009.The Book Contain 312 Pages.The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam gauges students' English language comprehension by testing their listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills for entrance into universities, non-academic business settings, and immigration tests.


Insight into IELTS has been designed as a course book for an IELTS preparation course. However, it is equally appropriate as a self-study resource book for students wishing to improve their IELTS skills on their own as it contains helpful advice, sample IELTS material throughout the units and detailed answer keys.
The book is appropriate both for learners seeking to enter an English-speaking university, school or college, as well as for people who may need to provide an IELTS score for the purposes of immigration to an English-speaking country. The book is targeted at students of approximately Band 6 level; however, the earlier units in each section are designed for lower-level learners or students not familiar with the IELTS test format, while the later units are intended to stretch the stronger candidates beyond their immediate IELTS needs and enhance their language skills overall.


CAMBRIDGE IELTS 5 is an educational tool to enhance English language proficiency of those non-native speakers of the English language in all 4 aspects: listening, reading, writing and speaking.
It provides students with an excellent opportunity to familiarize themselves with IELTS and to practice examination techniques using authentic test material.

Saturday, March 6, 2010



The Improve your IELTS Skills series are aimed at students between bands 4.5 and 7.5. The series has three preparation courses, Academic Reading, Academic Writing, and Listening and Speaking. The courses develop language, skills and test technique to help students achieve a higher IELTS score
The three books in the series may be used together as a complete course or may be used to target specific skills. Or they may be used separately to supplement other course books.

  • 10 units in each book, each with corresponding topics
  • Ideal for self study as well as in class, with step-by-step guidance and a clear answer key
  • Techniques boxes throughout each book, reinforce key points on how to approach the various tasks in IELTS.
  • 140 minutes' listening and pronunciation practice on the audio CD with the Listening and Speaking book Practice tests at the end of each unit.


As you know, there are 3 parts in the Speaking sub-test : Interview, Speech and Discussion.
The questions are predictable.

If you speak well, just go over it and prepare an answer in you head for every question. If you have someone to practice with - do it, if you don’t - I suggest that you record yourself. You can do that using your PC or voice recorder or even one of those MP3 players that can tape you as well.
To get the feeling of real IELTS Speaking test you can listen to sample of test and look at the questions and the transcript of the tapes.

Best advice to those who speak not so well:
  1. Write your answers on a piece of paper.
  2. Memorize them.
  3. Speak to yourself - ask questions and answer with whatever you wrote. It will improve your pronunciation and make you more confident. This is how you overcome the initial shock of speaking English.
  4. Practice a lot with you wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend, at first you may look at your paper and then don’t - test your memory.
One more important thing - in Speaking you can not receive half band, like 5.5 or 6.5. Your score will be full band, like 5 or 6.



Topic:The graph above gives information on wages of some Country over a ten-year period. Write a report for a university tutor describing the information shown.

 You are advised to spend a maximum of 20 minutes on this task.
 You should write at least 150 words.

The linegraph describes the growth of wages in Somecountry from year 1993 to year 2003.
The growth starts at two percent in 1993, but it doesn’t stay there very long before it rapidly doubles in 1994. Further on, the percentages declines to three percent in 1995, stays steady for year, before it start to rise slowly and ends up just under four percent in 1997. 1998 is the best year where the wages peaked at six percent.

However, after 1998 the wages declines nearly every year. Only a year after , the percentage drops to well under three percent, stays there on roughly three percent till 2000. In 2002 the wages reach the lowest point of just one percent growth. Luckily the growth rises in 2003 at just under two percent.

Overall, the growth rate in wages in Somecountry has shown striking changes through the ten years.

IELTS Teachers Comments: This is a good report. It covers the task, divided correctly into paragraphs and the vocabulary is just right. Problems: it has less than 150 words (146) and there are some grammatical errors. Assuming the corrections were made, looks like Band 7.



The graph above shows annual water usage (in millions of cubic meters) by industries in some Country. Write a report for a university tutor describing the information shown. 

You are advised to spend a maximum of 20 minutes on this task.

The bar graph describes the water usage for every year in Somecountry in millions of cubic meters.
The water usage are shown in two trends , ground water and public supply. Fuel and textiles are the ones that uses the least water, 10 of public supply and [tippy title=”70 and 80″] It is not clear who uses 70 and who 80, also you didn’t mentioned the units (millions of cubic meters)[/tippy] of ground water. Machinery are just the opposite of these two and has 10 of ground water and 100 of public supply.
Food/drinks, metal, paper and chemicals are all over 100 of ground water where chemicals peaks at dramatically 430. The highest number of water usage of public supplies also belongs to chemicals (240). Next on the list is food/drinks with 190, the others are under 100.

Overall, the chemical industry uses a lot more water then the rest of the industries both ground water and public supplies, and in general most industries use ground water by far more then public supplies.

IELTS Teachers Comments: This is a good report, the trends are correctly noticed.Use units in addition to numbers (10 of what? Millions of cubic meters). Use more connective words to smoothly move from one paragraph to another. Pay attention to grammar.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Topic:"As computers are being used more and more in education, there will be soon no role for teachers in the classroom."

There is no doubt that education and the learning process has changed since the introduction of computers: The search for information has become easier and amusing, and connectivity has expedited the data availability. Though experts systems have made computers more intelligent, they have not yet become a substitute of the human interaction in the learning process. In my opinion; what can be expected, is a change of the teachers? role but not their disappearance from the classroom.

Nobody can argue that the acquisition of knowledge is more fun and easier with computers. The mere activity of touching and exploring this device constitutes an enjoyable task for a kid. This, accompanied with the relaxing attitude and software interactivity, usually conduce to a better grasping of new knowledge. At a higher educational level; the availability of digital books, simulator and other academic materials, provide the student with an ever accessible source of information, that otherwise would not be at hand.

But, besides the increasing complexity and behavior of intelligent software, which is usually embedded in the academic digital material, the need of human interaction in the learning process will always be present, at least in the foreseeable future. There is the necessity for a human being to be able to determine what the specifics needs of each individual are. The expertise of a teacher in how to explain and adapt complex concepts to different individuals can hardly be mimicked by a computer, no matter how sophisticated its software is.

As computers are becoming a common tool for teaching, teachers should be more aware of their role as guides in the acquisition of knowledge rather than transmitters of facts. They have to be open minded to the changes that are taking places, keep updated and serve as a problem solvers in the learning process, thus allowing students to discover the fact for themselves.

To summarize, in my personal view, teachers play and will play an important role in the classroom, especially at the primary level. No matter how complex computers become, there will be no replacement for the human interaction, but in the way haw this interaction takes place.

Teacher Comments:

"Excellent essay! Are you a native English speaker? Well done. The only problem: too long, 365 words instead of 250-265 maximum."


Topic:Even though globalization affects the worlds economies in a positive way, its negative side should not be forgotten. Discuss.

In the present age, globalization is playing increasingly important role in our lives. But in the meantime whether it is a blessing or a curse has sparked much debate. Some people argue the globalization has fundamentally beneficial influence on our lives while many others contend that it has detrimental effect as well.
Convincing argument can be made that globalization not only plays a pivotal role in the development of technology and economy, but also promotes the exchange of cultures between different countries. To start with, it is the globalization that impelled many corporate to become an international group, thereby making contribution to local technology and employment. Specifically, when a multinational group establish a factory in a developing country, the new equipment, the new management skill and the job vacancies are all in the best interest of local society. Moreover, people worldwide can know each other better through globalization. It is easy to see that more and more Hollywood blockbusters shows the cultures different from American, some recent examples are Kungfu Panda and Mummy.
Admittedly, profit driven globalization severely affected the young people. Today, in the metropolises in different countries, it is very common sight that teenagers are wearing NIKE T-shirt and Adidas footwear, playing Hi-pop music with Apple ipod and having KFC. The culture that took thousand years to form is just seems similar in these cities; it is looks like you can only distinguish them by their language. Meanwhile, in some developing countries, sweat workshop is always the issue that concerned by WHO. For instance, some report shows that some teenagers who employed by NIKEs contractor always stay in the factory that is fulfilled by smell over 14 hours a day, but they only work for fifty cents per hour.
In summary, I would concede that globalization do come with some adverse effects. Despite that the benefits created by it far outweigh the disadvantages. Overall, I convinced that we should further promote globalization and meanwhile the local government should take some measures to combat culture assimilation and sweat workshop.

Teacher's Comments:

"This essay is extremely long (338 words instead of the advised 250-265). It has a sound structure, your position is clearly expressed, the information is well-organized, and structure-wise the sentences are fine. The vocabulary is impressive and there only were a few grammatical errors (see comments underlined in blue). Overall, looks like a band 7.5 + essay."

Friday, February 12, 2010


IELTS Express is a two-level preparation course for candidates studying for the International English Language Testing System examination (IELTS). The intermediate level is aimed at an IELTS score of 4 - 5.5. IELTS-type tasks and practice activities provide students with the essential skills they need for exam success.
Each IELTS Express Course book is an ideal choice for short preparation courses of 30-40 hours, and can easily feel extended for longer courses by selecting from supplementary materials.