Monday, June 7, 2010

101 Helpful Hints For IELTS

The Book Contain 101 Helpful Hints for IELTS Academic Reading,Writing and Speaking.The book Contain Audio CD which helps student to improve their speaking and Listening.The Book is international Edition containing practices test for reading and Writing.
101 Helpful Hints For IELTS
This book helpful for anyone who would like to know every thing about IELTS Exam.The Book tells you that nothing is impossible and anything you want to know about IELTS Testing System is completely possible.The book hints are divided into two main sections.First Section  include  Basic hints , which are subdivided into three sections.The First Section focus on that what students should know before the actual test.The second section tells that what have to know during the test and third reminds you that what should keep in mind before end of the test.Once students studies all about these hints than  student should have a clear idea that how to tackle IELTS test.
The Next type of Hints consist of four types.These hints tell that what should know to tackle IELTS test.The  four types are IELTS Listening,reading,writing and speaking.In them, students properly and practically learn all about the actual test each sections. The Answer key and model answers will help students to evaluate and access the ability before the actual test and tells them that how much practice required before the real IELTS test. 

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