Saturday, September 4, 2010


IELTS Speaking Preparation and Practice published by Catt.The Book prepares students for the new speaking test, which has been in use since July 2001. The materials are suitable for students intending to sit either the General Training or the Academic Module, and systematically present a range of functions that students may need to express during the IELTS speaking test. Support is given to the development of appropriate vocabulary and grammatical forms. A wide variety of topics is explored with tasks that aid and encourage the students' formulation of their own ideas.
ielts speaking preparation and practice
Numerous activities focus on spoken fluency and attention is also paid to pronunciation and to the use of suitable examination strategies. The book consists of 9 units, the last of which provides a number of practice tests, and there is an accompanying cassette tape with recordings involving a range of English language accents.

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