Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Focus on IELTS Teachers Book by Longman written by Sue' o Connell is a comprehensive, integrated pre-IELTS course offered by the development of practical skills and classification. The awareness course step by step, and provides training in language and skills necessary to cope with a course of IELTS trust and to achieve high test scores.
focus on ielts teachers book
This Book includes texts and materials of interest to keep students motivated, key structures and rapid boxes useful to highlight the points of grammar, learning strategies and projects to promote do-it-yourself outside the classroom studies to accelerate progress, the Key practice Language Bank provides additional support and practice of grammar and vocabulary - ideal for mixed level classes and self-study, writing of the Bank, in practice, the basic skills of writing, the tasks and model answers driving.

The focus on ielts book helps students develop the skills necessary for the IELTS test and give a lot of motivated students extra practice exam. The perfect companion to focus on IELTS Foundation. Master of the book provides bring ideas, teaching notes, answers and tape scrips.

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