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Most of the IELTS Students major problem is Writing Task and finishing both tasks on time.If you don't finish either one, you lost a whole band point. This never has to happen to you.

The best way to make sure that your report and essay qualify as finished is that they have a clear conclusion paragraph. That paragraph can be one sentence long, if necessary.And the best news of all is, you have already written that sentence.
In Paragraph 1 when you reached at the end of the Introduction in Writing Task 1 report, you have written a summary of the information. Similarly at the end of the first paragraph in Writing Task 2, you have written your Thesis Statement. Simply be repeating both of those sentences at the beginning of a Conclusion paragraph, you have made your writing qualify as finished , even if there is more you wanted to write and you don't lose a whole band point needlessly.
ielts writing tips

Main Tips for IELTS Writing:
  1. Make sure that in Writing Task 1 you have written a good summary and thesis Statement in Writing Task 2. (Your report and essay won't work without them anyway.)
  2. Keeping Watching your watch because no one is going to inform you on track as far as elapsed time is concerned. It's up to you to monitor your own progress in time.
  3. If you have passed 18 minutes in Writing Task 1 and you are still writing Body Paragraph sentences then finish the sentence you are writing, quickly. Now, start a new paragraph and make sure it looks like a new paragraph and begin it with the words, "In conclusion,..." then rewrite the summary. If you can, change a word or two (but not the meaning). If not, just write it exactly the way you did at the end of the Introduction.
  4. In Writing Task 2, if 38 minutes have passed and you're still writing Body Paragraph sentences, finish the sentence you're writing, quickly. Then, start a new paragraph (and make sure it looks like a new paragraph), and begin it with the words, "In conclusion,..." Then rewrite the Thesis Statement. (This needs to be done in any case. It is an essential part of the essay.)
  5. In Writing Task 2,the ideal situation is that you should write the Restatement in reverse order of the Thesis Statement. For example, if it is an opinion essay, and you wrote your opinion and three reasons in the Thesis Statement, write the three reasons first, and then the opinion, in the Restatement. Again, if you have time and can, change a word or two (but not the meaning). If not, just write it exactly the way you did at the end of the Introduction.
  6. Make sure you finish these "In conclusion,..." sentences on time. The task ends at exactly 60 minutes.

Obviously, this will not save you any lost points if all you have is a few sentences and your essay is far too short in the first place. But if you have written most of the essay, and followed the format, it's essential that you not lost a whole band point just because it isn't finished. So make it look finished.

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