Thursday, January 6, 2011

IELTS For Nurses

IELTS band review is an important requirement to qualify for immigration purposes. Nurses from other countries should meet the minimum score IELTS for immigration to Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada. Most nurses migrate to these countries are India, Pakistan, Philippines and China. Increasing the minimum IELTS band score in the academic section 6.5 to 7 in 4 sections made life miserable for many of these skilled immigrants aspiring Asian countries.
The Board of Nursing has increased the IELTS band 7 to ensure that nurses communication good English language works in their hospitals. As the board of nursing, the main part of nursing work is good communication with patients and physicians. So increasing the minimum equipment IELTS improve patient care and relations with hospital staff.
For nurses from Asian countries, they start learning English at secondary level. They do not have an environment other than their schools and colleges to improve their communication skills in English. After obtaining certificates of Nursing, all applicants include a training center close to a month to prepare for the IELTS exam. Since the band score of 6.5 is comfortable for all aspirants to score, IELTS is an examination which may be assisted by training 1-2 months

Now the group is increased to 7, that too in all sections, made more fine-tuning of language proficiency in English on one side of the student to show him. IELTS test scores are determined based on the exponential increase in difficulty. Now, nursing students from Asian countries have to spend 2-3 months of continuous IELTS coaching. Now, many students get the score after the second and third attempt. Students passed directly after joining a coaching center for IELTS course of 3 months, instead of practicing in a hospital, where they are trained.

The increase in the IELTS band did not slow the ambitions of Asian nurses in search of immigration for a bright future.

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