Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ielts VS Toefl

The two main tests of second language skills-English language learners are IELTS (created by the International English Language Testing Service) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). The two are similar but not identical, and candidates for both tests regularly ask which is the best - and often what is easiest - both.

The similarities between the two are that both test writing, listening and reading skills, in addition to other areas of expertise. In the case of IELTS, the field is the word, the TOEFL is what the test-makers call "structure", which tests writing skills from the perspective of the end of the sentence and recognition error. One factor that makes many people tested IELTS consider the most difficult of the two tests is its speaking module, which requires the candidate to attend a formal interview with an examiner face to face.

IELTS candidates rate observations with scores of band "(0 to 9, including half-bands between the two), given first in all four skill modules and then averaged for a score of IELTS band, which is a university admissions programs use as their determinant for accepting students. TOEFL, by contrasts, assigns numerical scores are very similar to the SAT for each area of competence and then the totals. Totals are those used to determine the level of competence of a candidate English.
TOEFL is both a "pencil" version and a "computer" from its test, the computer version available to candidates in most but not all test sites. IELTS is developing a computerized version of his test, but it is not used again - and could not be used for its speaking module without a high degree of technological development.

The pressing question for most candidates - which is easier to test - is largely irrelevant. The level of difficulty is determined from all levels of the candidate actual skill and difficulty of the test in particular taken. (Both tests are changed each time they are given.) Students who must take IELTS sometimes think the speaking task only makes it more difficult for both. While both exams are rigorous, the "word on the line" is that IELTS is slightly more difficult of the two, mainly because the standards by which it judges the task of self-expression writing and words are not spelled out clearly in advance and because the types of questions he uses in reading and listening modules tend to be used in a way many candidates and IELTS-Preparation teachers deem "difficult".

The main reason for the question is irrelevant is that few candidates can choose to take the test. Typically, universities decide admission test which candidates must take.

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