Sunday, March 13, 2011

Important IELTS Listening Tips

IELTS Listening module is also very important module of IELTS Exam. Following are important tips regarding IELTS Listening module. Follow these tips for better result in IELTS Listening Exam.
Important IELTS Listening Tips
  1. Listen carefully to the instruction regarding each section. This will help you to familiarize with the important information about the condition and the speakers.
  2. Use the time at the starting of every section (and in the middle of Sections 1 – 3) to read ahead the questions and judge about the topic.
  3. It is very important to read the instructions of every section carefully. And don’t forget to make sure the maximum number of words acceptable.
  4. Listen carefully and write all your answers, remember listen the recording with full concentration as you won’t listen the recording a second time.
  5. Be sure, whatever you writer it makes sense in the context.
  6. Don’t skip any question and answer all the questions although you don’t any knowledge about answer. Try to understand more than you think.
  7. Don’t transfer your answer instantly to the answer sheet wait until the end of the recording. After the end of recording you have 10 minutes to transfer your answer to the answer sheet, which is plenty of time.
  8. Don’t overwrite on answer sheet and write your answer clearly on the answer sheet. Because if your answer is not clear in answer sheet than you may loose the marks.
  9. Be sure that you have written correct spelling and also check your grammar where necessary.
  10. Don't panic if you have to cross out or alter an answer.
  11. Don't worry if you miss any question. Look forward and focus on the next one.
  12. During listening don't try to rephrase the answer. Write down the words you listen which best fit the question.
  13. Remember don’t write more than the maximum number of letters or words acceptable for each answer.
  14. Avoid copying any words or letters that were written on the Question Paper during transferring your answers to the Answer Sheet.

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