Saturday, November 26, 2011

Get 7 Bands in IELTS Exam

Getting admission in a good university or college students need to get a band 7 in IELTS exam, every student tried to get high band in IELTS exam but it’s not easy to score, especially for people having native Language is not English or English is the second Language.

1. Learn the Tenses

It is important to improve your tense for speak and write correctly in IELTS Exam. If you face problem to understand the tenses then the best way is to memorize the tenses. You can also hire a English trainer or tutor to improve your English tense skills.

2. Grammar Book

English Grammar is the essential part of English Language. Either you read, write or speak you must consider the proper use of Grammar. You can download grammar books or material from internet or Buy a grammar book from your nearest books shop. Read the grammar books and understand the grammatical rules and try to implement them. It is nearly impossible to read and learn all of them but try to read as much as you can. You can also learn English grammar online with consultation when necessary.
ielts 7 band
3. Maximum Exposure

The best way to polish your English Language skill spends maximum time in English Language environment. Don’t hesitate to speak English, read English and grammar books and newspapers, write article on different topics. Watch English movies and English New Channels and surf the internet.
ielts 7 band score

4. Tuition

You can prepare yourself for IELTS exam thorough Online IELTS tutor or through reputable private tuition centers available in your area. It is good to learn IELTS Tips and tricks from Native English trainer. Prepare yourself atleast 2 month before the actual IELTS Exam.

5. Take it easy

Most of the people having good English Language skills but fail to perform well in real IELTS Exam. The main reason is that people unable to control the pressure. Although IELTS Exam result is important for you but don’t get nervous. Try to control your nerves because it could affect your performance.

No one fails in IELTS Exam and this is the best thing about IELTS. You can attempt IELTS Exam as many times as you wish to improve your IELTS score or band if you are not satisfied with your result. So keep on track and wish you Good Luck!

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