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Improve IELTS Listening Test Score

The IELTS test start from Listening test. Duration of IELTS Listening test is about 30 minutes in which you spend 20 minutes on listening recording and remaining 10 minutes use to transfer your answer to the answer sheet. I am going to give you some tips about IELTS Listening test which is valuable to improve your Listening Section.

Before Listening test the invigilator gives you important instruction about IELTS Listening test. Listen carefully and follow all the instructions failing which may cause disqualification. Don’t open your question booklet until you invigilator ask you to do so.

Question Papers and answer sheets will be given to all the candidates before the listening test. Then the voice and volume of recording tape will be tested. Listen the testing tape carefully and if you face any difficulty to hear the voice of recording than immediately inform the invigilator before the start of test because once recorded tape starts it will not be paused.
ielts listening module
The important aspect of the listening test is concentration because once you loose the concentration then it’s difficult to catch the sequence.  The audio tape will be played only once so listen it very carefully. Stay attentive because all the important information’s regarding listening test in the tape itself.

There are four sections in listening test. You will get time to read the questions before the beginning of each section. Follow the instructions and read the questions as well. If you don’t follow instruction then this will lead to incorrect answer. Suppose a question needs to be answered with two or three words and you answered with three or four words than this will be marked as wrong answer. Write the answer in the format as directed in the listening audio tape. You will get some time after each section to check your answers. An extra time will be given to you to transfer whole answers to the answer sheet so don’t try to transfer the answers during listening the audio tape. Simply check the answers and read the questions of next section in the remaining time. 
improve ielts listening

Transferring Your Answers

On the completion of listening section you will get 10 minutes to transfer your answers from question paper to answer sheet. You will continuously get the instruction during this time. At the end of 10 minutes you will get instruction to stop the writing. Just follow the instruction and stop writing otherwise you may be disqualified.

At the time of transferring the answers to the answer sheet check each question numbers and make sure that you write correct answer against each question number. The most important thing is to check the spelling of each answer and pay special attention to it. If you write incorrect spelling then this will lead to wrong answer. Don’t overwrite and clearly write your answers. If your writing is ineligible than you won’t get any marks. 

All questions carry equal marks in IELTS listening test. Attempt all the questions because there is no negative marking, so if you don’t know the answer simply guess it. Guessing is particularly helpful in the case of questions with limited answer choices.

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