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IELTS Listening Test Preparation

IELTS Listening module is also very important to boost up your overall IELTS score. During the IELTS Listening test you will mostly hear the British accents. It is better to get familiarized and improve your knowledge of British English for better result in Listening. Most of the IELTS students practice their listening skills by watching Hollywood English movies and Television programs which is not helpful to increase Listening skills for IELTS. British and American both have quite different accents. So, if you really want to increase your IELTS listening skills then watch British TV Programs & listen BBC or other British radio stations.Follow the IELTS Listening tips and get max marks in this section. 

You must understand the pronunciation of Numbers and letters are in British Language. Pronouncing Numbers and letters in British and American accents are quit different. In the listening test sometimes you need to write any name, address or place so avoid spelling mistakes while writing answer to the answer sheet because incorrect spelling will mark as incorrect answer. So it is important to double check the spelling quickly.Listening samples are available online on different websites and you can simply download it for practice.
IELTS Listening module

American and British vocabulary is quite different so learn the basic difference. In British and American English, sometimes the similar words have different meaning. For example, British speaker use the word “mad” as crazy while American speakers, use as angry. In British and American English many similar words used in different idea. For Example, In American English we write apartment while in British English we write Flat. So, learning the most common differences between both languages is very important.You can use IELTS Listening books available on Pdf format to clearly understand the difference.

Carefully listen the instructions and follow it. If in the listening tape you directed to write not more than three words than follow it and don’t write more than three words otherwise you will loose the mark. If the listening test require circling two answers than do as directed, if you circle three answers than your answer will be consider wrong. Read and listen the instruction simultaneously before going to answer each question. Each section may contain different instructions.

Sometime, you required to answers the question through bar and pie charts, graphs etc.  These types of questions often appear in the fourth section of Listening test. Try to interpret them to write the correct answer otherwise you will unable to get score on this section.
IELTS Listening tips

No negative marking for incorrect answers so attempt all the questions in the listening section.

You will hear the dummy recording before actual listening exam for testing purpose. If you face any difficulty in listening the voice of recording than immediately inform the invigilator about the problem. Once actual listening exam recording starts, it will not stop till the end of test.  

Overall listening test duration is 30 minutes. Be attentive during the test. You will be given time at the beginning of each section. Read the question carefully and do according to the instruction. Listen the main idea like when, “where”, “who” and “what” and note down the keyword in the question paper. Usually you will hear dialogues in sections 1 and 3 and monologues in Sections 2 and 4.

Sometimes speakers initially give some statement and than change the statement at the end of dialogue. Make sure you have written the correct. At the end of recording you will be given extra 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. Don’t overwrite and write each answer clearly.

I hope by following above mentioned listening information and tips you will definitely get maximum band in the Listening section.

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