Monday, April 2, 2012

IELTS Essay Writing Tips

IELTS Test takers have to write an essay up-to to 250 words in task 2 in IELTS academic module. In this module students need to write an essay regarding general interest and students are able to get good marks. The important thing is time management, through proper time management in the whole section, students can get better marks. Most of the students unable to write complete essay within the given time frame due to lack of practice. It is, therefore, I am going to explain you some important tips for IELTS Essay writing.

Better IELTS Essay Writing Tips

1- Initially approach the time issue, you should get ready for writing an IELTS essays keeping in brain that you will have just 40 minutes. You have to make a decision how to handle your time in the initial position by distributing the time accordingly. For example, you have to accumulate five minutes to consider and build up ideas another five minutes for writing an outline, give five minutes to the introduction, expend twenty minutes in body and five minutes for the conclusion.
ielts essay writing tips

2- The point of view should be well-organized, well-written and well-explained in IELTS, they should be relevant to the essay matter while there should be an excellent use of examples, information and facts to support the point of view but re-check they are all well-ordered because a random essay would only confuse the reader.

3- Appropriately manage the paragraphs in IELTS essays would also make sure some excellent points, since you have to summarize the whole thing in 250 words limit then preferably there should be just five to six lines in one paragraph. You should ensure every paragraph is arguing a separate thought from the remaining which is also supported by appropriate supports. However, you have to ensure as well that all paragraphs are consistent with each other.

4- It is suggested that before you finish your IELTS essay read again and again for proofread, because sentence compositions, spelling errors and other mistakes are counted in the test.
ielts essay writing tips academic

5- It have been experience that almost all the students are unable to express their point to the person who reads efficiently, so ensure you are using each methods successfully to give your point in an comprehensible way. It is suitable that you go for a convincing language consecutively to converse with the reader because it is a large influential tool.

6- Ensure you are not using high pitch words in your IELTS essay, these days Examiners don’t get impressed with the utilization of pointless words relatively they want to read impressive that is clear and logical.

Therefore, you should ensure that you are following the above mentioned tips for writing IELTS essay if you would like some excellent marks in the academic writing test. IELTS essay test are not that complicated, a student should just ensure of some little yet significant things which can facilitate them succeed points. Last but not the least advice is to improve time management as recommended above and if you face any kind of problem you can inquire through the instructor anytime to take you out of it with no trouble.