Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to get High Marks in IELTS Essay Writing

Below i m going to give you some valuable tips that how to get high marks in IELTS Essay writing section. Just follow the tips and you will definitely obtain high marks in Essay writing section.

1. Ensure that you study all of the information in the questions very vigilantly and answer correctly.

2. Ensure that you pursue all directions as well as the number of words that you require to write.

3. Ensure that you discontinue Writing Task 1 after 20 minutes to let sufficient time to respond Writing Task 2.

4. Keep in mind that Writing Task 2 holds more marks, so you require lots of time to answer it.

5. Ensure that, for Task 1, you write information correctly from the question paper.
 IELTS Essay Writing

6. Ensure that you prepared for your thoughts earlier than you start to write. In Writing Task 1, discontinue locating and choosing the most significant pieces of information. For Writing Task 2, take time to put in order your thoughts and disagreement.

7. Ensure to give sustaining facts for any of your arguments or analysis in Writing Task 2.

8. During remaining time to verify your answer for slapdash blunders at the end. attempt to ensure for spelling faults, tense errors, singular or plural mistakes and verb and subject agreement and problems of fluency.

9. Confirm that all of your thoughts are appropriate to the question.

10. Attempt to keep away from duplicating the same terms, phrases and thoughts too frequently. Attempt to apply a variety of vocabulary. Attempt to confirm that you do not do again the similar thought too frequently, ensure you explore special thoughts to give a well-balanced answer.

11. Confirm to write as point to point as feasible.

12. Ensure that you supply prearranged and connected paragraphs and that the quality of your language is academic.
 IELTS Essay Writing tips

13. Don't duplicate from other people’s material.

14. Try to write more than the required number of words.

15. Don’t’ try to copy instructions repeatedly in your answers sheet.

16. Try to avoid writes any thing in bullet or note forms.

17. Don’t escape any information that is necessary to write.

18. Don’t spoil your time remembering essays by heart during the writing section of IELTS. You will be 
punished for this and you will misuse precious time that could be used up mounting fine writing skills.