Wednesday, December 25, 2013

IELTS Speaking Band Calculator

If you know that how examiners calculate the IELTS speaking band, you can overcome on many mistakes. In this post I will give you brief information about scoring and band criteria of IELTS Speaking.
There are four important factors that are considered while calculating IELTS Speaking. You should focus on the following factors to get high band in IELTS Speaking.


The examiner will analyze your fluency during speaking. Fluency is basically your ability to speak confidently, undoubtedly and without hesitation. Examiners are concerned to examine whether you have an ability to express your thoughts and ideas about particular topics clearly and coherently. While speaking if you take long pause or pause to many times, this may cause reduction in your score and your band will ultimately reduce.
IELTS Speaking band calculator


The examiner will also check how you pronounce during speaking. The examiner will easily analyze your speech and easily judge your pronunciation. Better pronunciation does not mean that you pronunciation should be like a native English speaker. The key factor is to check your ability to pronounce words correctly. The examiner will also check whether you use correct words during each sentence. Accent is not taken in account while grading your IELTS Speaking band, so don’t think too much about it.


Vocabulary is also very important.  The examiner will analyze that how perfectly you utilize vocabulary during each sentence and also check your accuracy. Repeating same words again and again is not a good sign, showing lack of vocabulary. Use variety of vocabulary words and structures during speaking to demonstrate your vocabulary skills.
 Calculate IELTS Speaking score

Grammatical Skills 

During speaking you should also focus on your grammar. The examiner will examine your grammatical accuracy and skills. So this is also very important factor while examiner going to score speaking answers. During speaking you should use proper English grammar because in proper grammar may cause reduction in speaking score which will ultimately effect your overall IELTS Score.

Last but not the Least

First of all control your nerves. Don’t panic; Speak confidently and naturally as possible. Focus on your Fluency, Pronunciation, Vocabulary and Grammatical accuracy. Keep in mind that in speaking module, there are no correct or wrong answers but silence gives you no marks. Try to speak as much as possible considering all the above mentioned factors. Try to answers all the questions in a Good English that will earn you good marks.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Free IELTS Practice Test

If any one gone to take the IELTS test, they should pratice the exams before the actual IELTS Exam. You can prepare yourself through free IELTS practice tests and learn the types of question and answers and also time yourslef and develop your exam tips and tricks. The pratice test gives you the chance to understand the format of test and learn and experiance the type of task you will need to perform during acutal IELTS Exam. You can analyze your self through these pratice tests under timed conditon. After each pratice test you can review your anwsers and compare with the model anwsers. This will helps you to improve your learning skills.

Keep in your mind that your start with Listening test than reading and after reading test you will take writing test, you will perform all three test without any break in a single day. So pratice for IELTS test in a similar manners for acurate preparation of IELTS. Read the each question carefully and carry out each task in the correct order. The IELTS online pratice test is presented over number of web pages, so read it carefully to answer the question in accurate manner.  If you like to practice offline, you need to download the practice test, blank answer sheets and listening transcripts as well as answers to compare your result from answer sheet.

Free IELTS practice test

Listening Practice Test

You will pefrom your IELTS Listening test in about 30 minutes. You will be given 10 extra minutes to transfer your answers from question paper to answer sheet. Follow the instruction that will given to you during listening section and understand how to answer each different type of questions. For online practice download the listening transcript and blank answer sheet to start your practice. Set your time clock and start test. You have time to read the question on question paper and hear the recording to place your answer in question paper. The listening audio will be played only once. So listen very carefully.Start listening audio and write your answer in question paper and after 30 minutes transfer your answer in your answer sheet within 10 minutes. No marks will be given if you only write your answer in question paper. You can write your answer either in lower or upper case. Online practice test will be available in four different web pages according to each sections.

IELTS Listening Test Blank Answer sheet 

IELTS Listening Practice Questions

IELTS Listening Practice Answer Sheet

IELTS Practice Tests

Reading Practice Test

Online reading test will be avaialble on three different web pages as reading section comprise with three sections. You will allowed to perfrom your IELTS reading test within 1 Hours. So, set your time to complete your practice test in one hour. You will find 40 questions in practice papers.Each question carry only one mark. If you want to practice offline than download the desired (IELTS reading academic or IELTS reading General) test papers and blank answer sheet.  Follow the instruction that will be given to you before IELTS reading exam. Do not open the question paper before you allowed to do so. Write your name and candidate number in the spaces on the top of the page.Read the instrution on each reading section to answer the questions properly. You have to compelete and transfer your answer to the answer sheet within prescribed time limit. Once  you finish the test, you will be asked to hand over the question and answer paper in acutal IELTS Exam. Once  you finished the IELTS reading practice test, download the sample answer to compare and reveiw your result.

IELTS Academic Reading Practice Questions

IELTS Academic Reading Blank Answer Sheet

IELTS Academic Reading Answer Paper

IELTS General Reading Practice Questions

IELTS General Reading Blank Answer sheet

IELTS General Reading Answer Sheet

Saturday, November 23, 2013

IELTS Exam Registration and Cancellation Process

There are many students who want to register for IELTS Exam but don’t have enough information about IELTS test registration centres. There are overall 900 IELTS registration centre’s available worldwide. You can find your nearest IELTS test centre from IELTS official site. The IELTS registrations centre’s have pleasant and helpful team who will assist you in the whole registration process.

IELTS test conducted four times in a month and during the whole year 48 fixed dates are available for enrolment. Visit your nearest registration centre and check the next available test date according to your requirement. You have to pay IELTS registration fee during enrolment. The fees for IELTS Academic test and General training test are same.

The first step is to locate your nearest test centre and check your desire available dates as well as current fees of registration in your local currency. Check your requirement whether you need to register for IELTS General training or IELTS academic test. Visit the official site and download the IELTS Application form available in PDF format and print it or you can also get the application form from your nearest IELTS registration centre. Read the information and terms and conditions carefully and fill the form and at the end of form place your signature. Compare your valid postal address with your Passport or ID Card.

 IELTS Registration

You need two recent Passport size color photograph and don’t use picture more than six months old. Place your signature on the backside of each photograph. The photo must be clear and don’t use glasses while taking photograph. Bring your original passport and also ensure the validity of your passport. If your passport has been expired than renew it before the registration process. Some registration centres allow registration on national Identity card.

If you already applied for admission in any university or educational institution than mention the details in your IELTS application form, the registration centre’s will then sent your result card to respective university or educational institution. So, ensure you have entered correct information in IELTS Application form.

Visit your nearest centre along-with filled application, two recent photographs and original Passport / ID card and test fee. If you want to send your application form through mail then confirm the method of payment from your registration centre. After the registration you will receive notification from registration centre about your date and venue of test. You can choose your speaking date 7 days before or after the test date.
 IELTS Registration Cancellation

Once you have registered, the test centre will confirm your IELTS test date, time and venue. Please note the Speaking test can be up to 7 days before or after the test date. On the test day you need to bring your original passport / National ID card that you mentioned in your IELTS form.

Cancel / Postpone IELTS Exam 

If you want to postpone or cancel your application than intimate your registration centre’s 5 weeks ago before the test, you fees will be refund after deducting administration charges. But if you visit the registration centre close to test date whether you are sick / seriously ill or unable to attend test without giving any information the registration centre than you will lose your all fee unless you provide valid / serious medical reason for cancellation. If you are sick / seriously ill and provide a valid medical certificate before a week of test you will refund your fee after deducting local administration charges. The fee will not be refund on minor illness reason.

Many students ask that how many times they cat enroll / sit for IELTS Exam, the answer is very simple, there is no any limit defines by IELTS administration. But it is better to enroll again you must well prepare for IELTS exam through IELTS preparation centre’s. You can improve your IELTS speaking, reading, writing and listening skills through valid practice materials.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

IELTS Test Results

IELTS tests marked obtained by test takers in different section of IELTS i.e. Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking are calculated through IELTS band system. The test report score measures the consistency in each section of IELTS. Test takers can achieve band score from one to 9 band scale. The score obtained in each section will eventually become band on each section. Now let’s learn about how IELTS score is marked. The IELTS result band is valid up-to 2 years.

Many test takers what to know that what is passing marks of IELTS test. The answer is very simple; there are no passing marks in IELTS. The IELTS score graded through band system. A test taker can obtained from one band to 9 bands which measure the consistency of individual in every section of IELTS. IELTS score bands are required by different educational institutes or organization for admission purpose. Each institutes or organizations have set its own level of bands to meet the requirement. IELTS test score recognized by over the globe and you can easily search the required scores of specific organizations.
IELTS test results

IELTS Test Result Report

Test takers will get the test Report Form after 13 days from the date of test by post at home address.  The test centre will post your result within due time. You only receive one copy of test report form and need to keep it in a safe place. You will also get a sms alert message from test centres and check your result thorough online service. If you need further information regarding test result report than contact to your local centres.

Copies of IELTS Test Report Forms

During registration of IELTS exam you have to mention that whether you need to forward your test report form to any institute or organization. The IELTS test centre will send you one copy to your postal address and you can send up to 5 copies of score report forms to your required institutions. You need to pay the charges of courier service to post the test reports to concerned institutes. The additional 5 copies of test report may be demanded from test centres by paying additional administrative charges to the Local IELTS Administration centre.

Lost IELTS Test Report Form

In case of lost of test report form, you can contact your local test administrative centre to obtained additional copy without any charge. If you test centre has closed after your test due some reasons than you can still obtained your test report form from any other local IELTS test administrative centre within two years after your IELTS result. Search online world wide IELTS centre’s to obtain your result copy.

Apply online for additional test report, fill the complete form and proper mentioned your complete name as appear in your identification document. After filling complete form just submit the form by submit button at the end of page. After that you will required to attach scan copy of Passport or identification document which were used during test. The test report can only be sent to concerned institutes and no additional copies will be sent to the applicant.
IELTS Test report lost

Scrutiny of test score result. 

After getting your result, you fee that your result is wrong than scrutinize your result through your test centre within six weeks from date of test. You need to pay security fee to enquire about your result. If your result found wrong after scrutiny than your fee will be refunded. The IELTS score is given to any test takers according to strict assessment guidelines provided to the examiners to maintain quality control procedure.

Monday, August 19, 2013

IELTS Listening Tips and Tricks

Every section is very important in IELTS Exam. You need to work hard on each section if you desire to gain high band in IELTS Exam. In this post I am going to give you some important tricks about IELTS Listening section through which you can gain high band in Listening section. Most of the students face problem in IELTS Listening section due to accent problem of English Language. American English, British English or Australian English each has different Language accent. Until you truly understand the different accent of English Language, it is very difficult to gain high band in IELTS Listening Section.

Now, the question is how to understand the different accent of English Language? The answer is very simple; you have to hear more and more IELTS Listening audios in different English Language accent. More you practice IELTS Listening audios than it become easier to understand the Language accent in real IELTS Exam. Cambridge IELTS Books 1 to 7 contains Listening audios CD’s which can be purchase online or from local Book Shop. There are so many IELTS Listening audios Mp3 are available over the internet which can easily be download and you can practice your listening through these audios.

IELTS Listening Tips and Tricks

The most important thing, before actual IELTS Exam take complete sleeps and don’t awake whole night otherwise you will stress on actual IELTS Exam and your overall IELTS Exam might be worse. So be relax and confident. It is very important to take into the consideration that don’t practice IELTS Listening audio’s through head set, because in actual IELTS Exam you will hear the audio’s through load speaker, so make your habit to listen audio’s through speaker as in actual IELTS Exam you need more concentration. IELTS Listening preparation required calm and relax environment where no one can disturb you. During the preparation you should also take care about timing and try to solve IELTS Listening question during practice according to actual IELTS Listening time.
IELTS Listening Practice

The first test in IELTS Exam is the test of IELTS Listening section. To solve IELTS Listening questions properly you need to hear the audios with concentration and put you Pencil on blank, during listening when you heard the word before the blank than simply write the next word as you listened in audio. Similarly solve all the questions. At the end of Listening, you will be given 10 minutes to transfer your answer from question paper to the answer sheet. Finally, you have completed your IELTS Listening section. I hope this trick will really helps you in your IELTS Exam.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Reasons of Failure in IELTS Reading Section

There are so many candidates facing difficulty while doing different types questions of IELTS reading section in IELTS (International English Language Testing System).This is normally a common issue with candidates who has taken the IELTS Exam. Some IELTS test takers says that IELTS reading section is the test of candidate knowledge test that how well a test taker fully understand the reading passage and solve the questions intelligently but there are so many candidates argues on this idea that IELTS reading section is not a knowledge based test which analyze the candidate reading capabilities. The other fundamental information regarding IELTS section may be obtained by registering IELTS Review centre available in your nearest location.

There are so many IELTS review centers available in different locations of world, facilitate and guide the candidates who have enrolled for IELTS Exam and their exams dates are close for improving their knowledge and ability to respond questions of IELTS reading section effectively. The IELTS review centers in different locations collect and research the data of candidates who have taken the IELTS exam who have failed to perform well in IELTS reading section and according to it there are two major reasons for failure in reading section of IELTS. 

ielts reading test tips

The first is to improve the weakness relating to vocabulary and grammar. During reading any sentence in a passage if a student has ability to understand the meaning of some words than how can he / she can grasp the meaning the whole sentence? If a student reading any sentence having such kind of grammar which is not familiar with the reader than how can that student understand the meaning of sentence? The fact is that if you are going to prepare for IELTS Exam than you should concentrate on grammar and language skills.  For getting higher marks in reading section it is very important that how well a student grasp the meaning of whole sentence and passage. During reading if a student faces tricky vocabulary than student can get the idea of sentence by reading whole passage. There are many tips and techniques which you will learn in IELTS Review Centre. 

The second problem is limited period of time. Reading any passage within limited time is little bit difficult. It is little bit difficult reading the whole passage within the prescribed time, so student will the how to skim and scan any passage. You will be given about 40 minutes to read the whole passage and transfer your answer to the answer sheet. You have limited time to read the whole passage and it is not necessary to understand the whole passage. You just need to abstract the main idea of the passage to answer the questions relating to the passage, so two important and best skills are skim & scan to quickly finish your reading section and understand the main objective of the passage without wasting your time by reading the whole passage slowly & slowly. If any student learn these skills and effectively use these techniques in reading section than one can defiantly gain high score in reading section of IELTS Exam. Now how can a student learn these tips and techniques then answer is IELTS Review Centre.
ielts reading techniques

After reading above mentioned information you will defiantly love the reading section and find it very easy. Don’t take light to the reading section of IELTS. IELTS review center located in different cities in world wide so the students who want to attain maximum / targeted band in each section of IELTS Section than join the best IELTS Review centre in your area.