Monday, August 19, 2013

IELTS Listening Tips and Tricks

Every section is very important in IELTS Exam. You need to work hard on each section if you desire to gain high band in IELTS Exam. In this post I am going to give you some important tricks about IELTS Listening section through which you can gain high band in Listening section. Most of the students face problem in IELTS Listening section due to accent problem of English Language. American English, British English or Australian English each has different Language accent. Until you truly understand the different accent of English Language, it is very difficult to gain high band in IELTS Listening Section.

Now, the question is how to understand the different accent of English Language? The answer is very simple; you have to hear more and more IELTS Listening audios in different English Language accent. More you practice IELTS Listening audios than it become easier to understand the Language accent in real IELTS Exam. Cambridge IELTS Books 1 to 7 contains Listening audios CD’s which can be purchase online or from local Book Shop. There are so many IELTS Listening audios Mp3 are available over the internet which can easily be download and you can practice your listening through these audios.

IELTS Listening Tips and Tricks

The most important thing, before actual IELTS Exam take complete sleeps and don’t awake whole night otherwise you will stress on actual IELTS Exam and your overall IELTS Exam might be worse. So be relax and confident. It is very important to take into the consideration that don’t practice IELTS Listening audio’s through head set, because in actual IELTS Exam you will hear the audio’s through load speaker, so make your habit to listen audio’s through speaker as in actual IELTS Exam you need more concentration. IELTS Listening preparation required calm and relax environment where no one can disturb you. During the preparation you should also take care about timing and try to solve IELTS Listening question during practice according to actual IELTS Listening time.
IELTS Listening Practice

The first test in IELTS Exam is the test of IELTS Listening section. To solve IELTS Listening questions properly you need to hear the audios with concentration and put you Pencil on blank, during listening when you heard the word before the blank than simply write the next word as you listened in audio. Similarly solve all the questions. At the end of Listening, you will be given 10 minutes to transfer your answer from question paper to the answer sheet. Finally, you have completed your IELTS Listening section. I hope this trick will really helps you in your IELTS Exam.

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