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IELTS Test Results

IELTS tests marked obtained by test takers in different section of IELTS i.e. Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking are calculated through IELTS band system. The test report score measures the consistency in each section of IELTS. Test takers can achieve band score from one to 9 band scale. The score obtained in each section will eventually become band on each section. Now let’s learn about how IELTS score is marked. The IELTS result band is valid up-to 2 years.

Many test takers what to know that what is passing marks of IELTS test. The answer is very simple; there are no passing marks in IELTS. The IELTS score graded through band system. A test taker can obtained from one band to 9 bands which measure the consistency of individual in every section of IELTS. IELTS score bands are required by different educational institutes or organization for admission purpose. Each institutes or organizations have set its own level of bands to meet the requirement. IELTS test score recognized by over the globe and you can easily search the required scores of specific organizations.
IELTS test results

IELTS Test Result Report

Test takers will get the test Report Form after 13 days from the date of test by post at home address.  The test centre will post your result within due time. You only receive one copy of test report form and need to keep it in a safe place. You will also get a sms alert message from test centres and check your result thorough online service. If you need further information regarding test result report than contact to your local centres.

Copies of IELTS Test Report Forms

During registration of IELTS exam you have to mention that whether you need to forward your test report form to any institute or organization. The IELTS test centre will send you one copy to your postal address and you can send up to 5 copies of score report forms to your required institutions. You need to pay the charges of courier service to post the test reports to concerned institutes. The additional 5 copies of test report may be demanded from test centres by paying additional administrative charges to the Local IELTS Administration centre.

Lost IELTS Test Report Form

In case of lost of test report form, you can contact your local test administrative centre to obtained additional copy without any charge. If you test centre has closed after your test due some reasons than you can still obtained your test report form from any other local IELTS test administrative centre within two years after your IELTS result. Search online world wide IELTS centre’s to obtain your result copy.

Apply online for additional test report, fill the complete form and proper mentioned your complete name as appear in your identification document. After filling complete form just submit the form by submit button at the end of page. After that you will required to attach scan copy of Passport or identification document which were used during test. The test report can only be sent to concerned institutes and no additional copies will be sent to the applicant.
IELTS Test report lost

Scrutiny of test score result. 

After getting your result, you fee that your result is wrong than scrutinize your result through your test centre within six weeks from date of test. You need to pay security fee to enquire about your result. If your result found wrong after scrutiny than your fee will be refunded. The IELTS score is given to any test takers according to strict assessment guidelines provided to the examiners to maintain quality control procedure.

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