Wednesday, December 25, 2013

IELTS Speaking Band Calculator

If you know that how examiners calculate the IELTS speaking band, you can overcome on many mistakes. In this post I will give you brief information about scoring and band criteria of IELTS Speaking.
There are four important factors that are considered while calculating IELTS Speaking. You should focus on the following factors to get high band in IELTS Speaking.


The examiner will analyze your fluency during speaking. Fluency is basically your ability to speak confidently, undoubtedly and without hesitation. Examiners are concerned to examine whether you have an ability to express your thoughts and ideas about particular topics clearly and coherently. While speaking if you take long pause or pause to many times, this may cause reduction in your score and your band will ultimately reduce.
IELTS Speaking band calculator


The examiner will also check how you pronounce during speaking. The examiner will easily analyze your speech and easily judge your pronunciation. Better pronunciation does not mean that you pronunciation should be like a native English speaker. The key factor is to check your ability to pronounce words correctly. The examiner will also check whether you use correct words during each sentence. Accent is not taken in account while grading your IELTS Speaking band, so don’t think too much about it.


Vocabulary is also very important.  The examiner will analyze that how perfectly you utilize vocabulary during each sentence and also check your accuracy. Repeating same words again and again is not a good sign, showing lack of vocabulary. Use variety of vocabulary words and structures during speaking to demonstrate your vocabulary skills.
 Calculate IELTS Speaking score

Grammatical Skills 

During speaking you should also focus on your grammar. The examiner will examine your grammatical accuracy and skills. So this is also very important factor while examiner going to score speaking answers. During speaking you should use proper English grammar because in proper grammar may cause reduction in speaking score which will ultimately effect your overall IELTS Score.

Last but not the Least

First of all control your nerves. Don’t panic; Speak confidently and naturally as possible. Focus on your Fluency, Pronunciation, Vocabulary and Grammatical accuracy. Keep in mind that in speaking module, there are no correct or wrong answers but silence gives you no marks. Try to speak as much as possible considering all the above mentioned factors. Try to answers all the questions in a Good English that will earn you good marks.

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