Sunday, January 12, 2014

Improve Grammar and Vocabulary for IELTS and TOEIC

For mastering in English Language you need to focus on two basic areas of English Language i.e. Vocabulary and grammar. There are many countries where English is not a native Language still consider English vocabulary and grammar very important part of their Educational programs. So, keep in mind that to become proficient in English Speaking or getting control grip on English language you need to improve your grammatical skills and increased your vocabulary. In many French countries, English is considered as Second Language and this truth is acknowledged by worldwide. In different locations of world where English is not a native Language still peoples have expertise in English Language. Although they have English Language skills but still need to get certification of English Language from concerned Language organization for getting admission in foreign countries.

There are different types of English Language proficiency test but generally IELTS and T OFIC are accepted in many foreign Institutes. Students who desire to prepare for IELTS Exam may contact to IELTS Review center’s in different locations all over the world. The IELTS review centres provide complete preparation material and there are many peoples around the world already registered with these centres.

There are two important sections in IELTS exam i.e. IELTS Writing and reading section. The writing section and reading section truly evaluates your English language skills and only students who have good grammatical skills and good vocabulary command over the statement, argument in these sections. Either you have registered for IELTS academic or IELTS general, the examiner evaluates coherence, cohesion and spelling in reading section.

IELTS Grammar

It is little bit difficult to find out grammatical errors in writing through editing process. It is better to use Pencil and paper for writing or you can you any word processing software to write which is helpful to show your grammatical as well as spelling errors. Once you completed the writing, thoroughly check your written matter and review whether any grammatical or spelling mistakes are exist or not. If found any mistakes or errors, edit them before the given time.

Coherence is very essential if you are trying to explain something. You can easily express your main ideas and thoughts in writing with the help of Coherence. Your thoughts have to be linked effectively, so reader can easily understand your main ideas and thoughts without any confusion. The coherence of your essay will demonstrate how fine and constructive you can develop the point of views you have in paragraph form.

Construct the sentence with proper and logical link between Phrases and grammar. If you have properly constructed your easy with the help of coherence, it would be very easy for a reader to understand your concept in easy. Use the proper and correct transition words and ensure that you use appropriate vocabulary in outlining and reporting information.

IELTS Vocabulary

Finally, while writing an essay most students get an awkward error due to spelling mistakes in text. Review your essay and examine that you have written proper and correct spelling of words in sentences of essay. If you forget or don’t remember the spelling of that particular word, use identical or synonym or any phrase of that word. If you are unsure about spelling of particular words, avoid writing that word. If your essay has lots of spelling mistakes, it will result a low score in essay writing.